Idea to launch

Supporting & enabling early stage BAME startup founders

Driven by Lean UX,
design thinking & Agile

A right mix of UXD, product & engineering

For the founders

Idea assessment

Identify the idea, assess & start customer development

Gap identification

Customer pain points and understanding how big it could be

Business models

Using lean canvas and understanding business models

Goals & metrics

Translate vision into goals, identifying metrics that matter

Design thinking

Design thinking approach to solving customer problems

Intro to product development

Building whats valuable to users, customers and the business

Marketing & branding

Brand positioning targeted at
the right segments

Building the team

Build the A-team setting culture and organisational structure from day 1

Financials & legal

Fundamentals of finance, unit economics and accounting


What matters to investors - valuation, fundraising strategy & dilution

Pitching & termsheet

Learn how to pitch to investors & key points to focus in the term sheet

Growth models

Post product market fit and how to build a growth model

Helping BAME founders in their
startup journey

By providing support, frameworks, network and the tools to
learn entrepreneurship & build a lasting business

Enabling people to become more confident by providing digital skills and making them more digitally included

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Doing it the right way

Every dollar spent on UX brings in between $2 and $100 dollars in return - Fast Company


Who is your customer and will the
customer buy in to your idea?


What needs to be done to make
the customer use your product?

Ideate & prototype

What can you test with the customer and gather insights and feedback to build a successful product?

Launch & traction

Who will pay for your product and
how can you attract more of them?

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